The Brick Yard San Francisco Named KD’s Favorite New Restaurant

Kevin Durant‘s a nationally-cultured man. An Olympic Gold Medalist born in Baltimore, he went to college in Texas and currently lives in Oklahoma, where he’s known for leading The OKC Thunder to the NBA Finals in 2012. Now, Durant is a Golden State Warrior in San Francisco, a man like Durant’s going to need top-tier service and culinary options to please his successful and well-traveled palate. That’s one reason The Brick Yard may be his best bet at finding the kind of food he likes just how he likes it. Offering southern cuisine with a West Coast twist, simple, shareable bar food, and signature dishes (try the Yard bird), The Brick Yard is a game day destination on Union Street offering brunch, lunch, and much more.

Baltimore Born

Baltimore is a strong community, where family and friendships last beyond city boundaries. Durant’s going to want to bring those he spends the most time with out to eat with him; but being the athlete he is, sporting enthusiasm will be integral to the drive of his friends and family. This means sometimes there won’t be time to get everybody on the road for a sit-down meal. The best restaurateurs are going to offer catering services to meet this need.


Fans of Durant know his mother and brother are always watching his game court-side. That’s one reason his mom’s earned her nickname: The Real MVP. If she wants to take her favorite flavors on the road, or to an event–or just within the residential suite everybody’s staying at during a game–she’s going to need catering. The Brick Yard’s catering services are top-notch, and allow diners to have their favorite meals at their convenience.

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An Alumni of Texas

Kevin Durant spent his short college stint in Austin Texas, averaging 25.8 points during his 2006-07 college season. By the end of his Freshman year, he’d officially declared for the NBA draft in 2007. That whole time was full of celebration and exploration, and one thing he most certainly experienced was the food. South Texas offers a unique mixture of Latin conventions and Texas Barbecue delights. It’s hard to forget your first barbecue pulled pork slider, or the tangy zest of sweet potato chips. The Brick Yard offers both, and can bring Durant back to his revolutionary college days. Then there’s the famous Brick Yard Burger, a sandwich designed with that certain uniqueness reminiscent of a favorite South Texas flavor.


Staying Healthy To Keep Making Points

Training is very rigorous and demanding for NBA players, and eating favorite foods of home and legacy can’t always be done. A guy like Kevin Durant, who has been in the NBA as the main guy of the Oklahoma City Thunder since 2008, has to be careful how he eats. He might not be able to go the pulled-pork slider route. But at The Brick Yard, a variety of healthy platters are also available. There’s the Kale Salad, which features baby lacinto kale and winter squash with candied walnuts and a hazelnut orange vinaigrette. Such healthy power-foods are just the kind of fuel an athlete needs to remain lean and effective. The Caesar Salad comes with Ranch-romaine lettuce, a spicy, smoky Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and croutons. It’s got the family of flavors Kevin would adore, and the nutrition he needs.


Making Everybody Happy

Kevin Durant has many fine choices in the historical San Francisco, but The Brick Yard is a place that can please everybody again and again.

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