Brunching: San Francisco

There are a lot of great restaurants in San Francisco. The city has history which predates its adoption into the United States. As such, a variety of cuisines are available from a variety of cultures, and over time eating traditions have developed which have made it so a good number of delectable brunch spots practically cover the city. It’s worth it to see as many as you can during your stay; and if you’re a resident that has yet to try these eateries out, you owe it to yourself to give at least one of them a shot! Following are three of the finest places in SF for a spectacular brunch.

Yogurt Parfait

The Brick Yard Brunch

The word “brunch” already combines two concepts; why shouldn’t brunch dishes do the same? Serving brunch from 10 am to 2 pm, The Brick Yard offers some combinative dishes that are downright delicious, like Fried Chicken and French Toast. Signature chicken is fried while Grand Marnier thick-cut battered brioche and bourbon maple syrup including poached-apple flavors silhouettes fine waffles. You can also order Brioche French Toast sans chicken, including the same delicious syrup and Tarragon whipped cream. Then there’s The Breakfast Burger; a pork, cheddar and jalapeño patty with hash browns, tomato, cheddar cheese, a fried egg, and the customer’s choice of fries, salad, or potato hash. Another favorite is Lamb Benedict, which includes two poached eggs and béarnaise and arugula on crispy Cremini mushroom grits. On the lighter side are sweet potato chips with salsa verde, as well as Vegetable Benedict including béarnaise and butternut squash cakes, and several poached eggs. The Usual is a favorite, and includes Pork and sweet potato hash with two fried eggs and pork shoulder that’s been slow-cooked; an excellent morning treat that comes with sautéed onions as well as chives and brioche toast. Or you could have a fine Kale Salad with candied walnuts, bacon, hazelnut orange vinaigrette, and delicious winter squash. Lastly, the Brick Yard Club sandwich rounds out their brunch menu. This is a delicious sandwich with roasted turkey, sprouts, bacon, avocado, mayo, and either potato hash, fries, or a salad.

Fried Chicken And French Toast

‘āina – Dog Patch Neighborhood

Aina’s a delicious Hawaiian place which features some exotic morning dishes like Malasadas, which is 3 Portuguese-style doughnuts with coconut sugar and filled with custard from the guava fruit. How about Breakfast Potatoes, which include compound butter, Japanese pickles, micro cilantro, Kennebec potatoes, aïoli, and furikake? Then there’s Spam Musubi, which is whole hog spam with Boston Bibb lettuce, short grain rice, egg yolk furikake, and kimchi. All in all there are some delicious, individual dishes at Aina that are really worth checking out when you get the chance.

Hamlet – Noe Valley Neighborhood

Hamlet isn’t just one of Shakespeare’s finest plays, it’s also one of the best brunch places in San Fran. From traditional favorites like Pork Belly & Waffles to hash-browns, brown sugar glazed bacon, and two eggs done in any style, Hamlet also has some very haute options–just consider the Italian Beignets. Then there’s Straus Family yogurt which features local honey, melon, and nectarine. Then there’s Fried Green tomato Benedict, Dungeness Crab Scramble, Baked Eggs Puntanesca, and Shrimp and Grits.

Between Hamlet, Aina and The Brick Yard, there are brunch options sure to fit any palate and provide new adventures in dining. Whether you’re in the mood for classic refinement at Hamlet, Hawaiian sensibilities in Aina, or unique and favorite dishes at The Brick House, you’re sure to find something that excites and satisfies you in San Francisco.

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