Many people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. On any given day, that may be true, but during the week as a whole, weekend brunch steals breakfast’s importance and becomes the most essential meal of the week. At The Brickyard, we have worked hard at coming up with the right combinations of foods for the best brunch. Here’s why we think that it is so essential to enjoy a brunch during your days of leisure.

Eggs Benedict

Relaxing on a Day Off

There are few times when friends can get together during the daylight. Fortunately, brunch doesn’t just fall during sunlight hours, but usually on a weekend at a little bit of a later time. You get to sleep in after a night of hanging out and you still get to enjoy breakfast foods. Even better, you and your friends get to take your time to enjoy a meal together at brunch spots where the defining feature isn’t a kicking bass beat.

Best Combo of 2 Meals

Brunch also includes foods that are normally outside the realm of breakfast. No one knows why specific foods are tied to certain times of the day, but brunch breaks those rules and lets you eat what you want. Many brunch places have figured out the best combinations of food for a great brunch.

Alcohol or Alcohol-free

If you want a little bubbly, Bloody Mary, or Tequila Sunrise, no one is going to question your choice of beverage. Of course, a San Francisco brunch, doesn’t have to include alcohol. There are some great virgin drinks that make for an awesome meal. In the end, you decide what you want to eat and drink, and who you spend time with at brunch. The relaxation and good times come naturally from the atmosphere of your brunch choice, the people you spend it with, and the tasty food that you ingest. Brunch is essential because it will help you enjoy your weekend a little more.

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