San Francisco teams are on a huge roll right now – the Giants sit atop the NL West, the 49ers are starting to get comfortable at their newly minted Levi’s Stadium, and the Golden State Warriors playing in nearby Oakland were about 5 seconds and 4 points away from championship glory last season.

While there’s actually nothing like seeing a game live, a lot of times scoring tickets can be hit-or-miss or darn near impossible come playoff season.

When you’re at the game you also have to deal with opposing fans and that guy at the end of the aisle endlessly screaming for nachos. That’s maybe not the ideal spectator experience you had in mind when you purchased your tickets.



Book Your Private Viewing Party and Customize the Experience

Game Day San Francisco: hundreds of passionate fans and Union Street can all combine to create a fun, exhilarating and sometimes downright hectic environment.

A private viewing party with all the amenities you need, catered food, full bar and a huge screen to broadcast the main event is definitely a recipe for success.

Any night of the week seventeen televisions interspersed throughout the Brick Yard are broadcasting live action as it happens.

That means the Giants, Sharks, Warriors, and 49ers are all getting prime time coverage. We obviously also cover events like March Madness and the Daytona 500 when that time of the year rolls around.

The cool thing is that three autonomous sound zones in our main viewing area make it so that the action (and sound) from one game doesn’t bleed into another.

Private Viewing Parties

If you really want to customize the viewing experience and cater to groups ranging from a dozen to 80 people, then you might really want to consider booking a private event online at some of our reservable rooms.

The Bridge Room and Alcove at the Brick Yard are great for hosting a few dozen people each. These are also perfect for dinners, happy hours and smaller meet-and-greet events after corporate outings.

Private Events - The Bridge Room

The Bridge Room

The bridge room is over 300 square feet and has its own private bar as well as a 30-foot-long steel replica of the Golden Gate Bridge flanking one wall.

This room features banquette and transitional seating and it comfortably sits about a dozen people. From there, there’s definitely enough room for another two dozen people to mingle around the space.

The bridge room’s ideal for private viewing parties when playoff season rolls around as well as hosting fundraisers or getting everyone from the office together after work.

The Lounge

If you know that you’re going to be dealing with a few dozen people, then you might want to consider booking the bridge room and the lounge together.

The latter adds about 400 square feet and lets you seat a few dozen more people. The lounge works really well for larger fundraisers or bigger receptions since it lets about 80 people comfortably mingle around. This area features a lot more tables and a long booth to bring everyone together.

Private Events - The Lounge

Alcove and Communal Area

Speaking of longer seating areas, the communal area works really well for seating over a dozen people comfortably. It also happens to sit right by the bar, which means that you’re right near the action and can get refills whenever you want.

The alcove is actually a recently renovated space that features bay windows to let in a nice breeze and a great view of Union Street. This area seats about twenty people and allows nearly three dozen people to mingle. Click here to book a space online.

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