When San Franciscans want a good scare, they just check the average rent in their local neighborhood. For a truly spine-tingling Halloween season however, make your way to one these spooky must-see attractions.


Haunted Haight Walking Tour

No, you’re not hallucinating… those are actual ghosts. This nighttime walking tour of the famed Haight Ashbury district takes you past the locations where some of San Francisco’s most famous murderers and cult leaders once lived. Learn what lurks within these stunning Victorian-era homes, and come face-to-face with some not-so-grateful dead along the way.

San Francisco Chinatown Ghost Tours

You can bet that the country’s oldest Chinatown has its fair share of dark secrets. Here’s your chance to walk Chinatown’s back alleys after dark and experience their supernatural history by lamplight. Along the way, learn the supernatural folklore that still shapes Chinatown to this very day. Come for the extrasensory mysteries, stay for the incredible food and culture that lurk around every corner.


Alcatraz Night Tour

There’s a reason why more than one person has risked the freezing waters, great white sharks, and multi-mile swim to escape The Rock: because it’s scary as hell. And as if Alcatraz wasn’t creepy enough already… now there’s a night tour. This famous federal prison housed history’s most notorious criminals, and those who survived it told of the unspeakable horrors that took place inside its fortress walls. If the cold bay air doesn’t chill you to the bone, the unexplained noises and occurrences that have long been reported here will.

Winchester Mystery House Flashlight Tours

Here’s a recipe for terror: take the widow of a famous gun company tycoon, have her build a bizarre 160-room mansion to appease the souls of all those who died by her late husband’s guns, and have that widow die right there in the house almost 100 years ago. Oh, then add flashlights. Every Friday the 13th, the rambling Winchester Mystery House opens its door for a special 55 minute tour where you’ll have only the light of the moon and your souvenir flashlight to guide you. You might even meet Sarah Winchester herself… she’s still known to roam the hallways nightly.

The Pagan Ball

Hey… nobody blames you if you need a little wine to help get through your first Pagan Ball. Luckily, the folks at Castello di Amorosa are way ahead of you. Celebrate the reason for the season (you did know that Halloween originated as a Pagan ritual, right?) at this sprawling Napa Valley vineyard, featuring a true-to-life castle at its center. Haunted chamber tours, music and dancing, and of course, killer wine and food pairings await. Whether you’re a card carrying Wiccan or just a pagan-for-a-night, this is one not to miss.


San Francisco Zombie Walk

Yup, zombies are still a thing. And this walk of the living dead proves it. Here’s your chance to meet with other like-minded reanimated corpses and achieve total zombie domination in the streets of the Castro. Perhaps best of all, the San Francisco Zombie walk partners with the SF-Marin food bank for a canned good drive tie-in. So go ahead and attend. It’ll do your cold, dead heart some good.

The Brickyard

Ok… technically the only thing haunts San Francisco’s favorite neighborhood bar are people looking for an awesome meal, a good beer, and some really interesting company. But after scaring up an appetite at one these events, there’s no better place to go than the Brickyard for a burger and a beer. And don’t worry… they won’t tell anyone you peed yourself.

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