Eggs Benedict in San Francisco

When you are ready to take the weekend right, you start by sleeping in. You then go to a great restaurant for brunch. At The Brickyard in San Francisco, that restaurant can be difficult to find, especially if you haven’t planned ahead. Some restaurants stop serving breakfast at 10:30 am. Others are so popular that the line extends out the door, and there is a very real question if you can get seats before dinner. Here are 7 things to think about when you are looking for a great brunch spot.

  • Reservations – You should be able to make them at, and not have them about, the restaurant.
  • Perks – Free refills on coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Your Sunday brunch in San Francisco should have them.
  • Know the menu – If you are headed to a busy place, having your order ready will speed things up.
  • Meeting friends – Does anyone in your group have dietary restrictions, and can the restaurant cater to them? Know the menu, and you’ll already have your answer.
  • Parking – Some of the best San Francisco brunch places have the worst parking. If you know ahead, you can make appropriate arrangements.
  • Popularity – If the place doesn’t take reservations, but the brunch is great, then maybe you can share a table with another group or sit at the bar.
  • Inspections – If your restaurant choice hasn’t passed all of its food safety inspections, you might want to go to a different place.


Omelet in San Francisco


When you are looking for the best brunch spots in SF, you will want to take into account all of these things. However, there are some places that are a once in a lifetime experience. Even if the wait is long, you will want to just plan for it. Bring your favorite people, sign in with the host or hostess, and enjoy each other’s company while waiting for that coveted table. Once there, savor the food, the atmosphere and the great wait staff, but make sure you take pity on everyone else who is also waiting for a table.

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