This fall season, do something different after work. Turn off your phone, forget the TV, and join a fun co-ed sports team in the area. You’ll meet lots of like-minded guys and gals, show off your athletic prowess, and undoubtedly build some lasting friendships. Although the leagues have playoffs at the end of the season, you don’t have to be an all-star player to sign up.  These co-ed leagues are designed to give people the opportunity to connect and socialize in person! Check out these upcoming leagues.



Co-Ed Basketball: East Bay Area on Wednesday Nights

If you (or a team of your buddies) are looking to play in a new co-ed Basketball League in the East Bay area, you’ve got until October 5th to register because the league starts October 12th!  If you sign up with a team of 10 players by September 10th, your team will get 11% off the fee of $850. Looking to expand your social circle and want to join a league by yourself as a “free agent”? Sign up before the 15th and get 10% off the $95 registration fee. Games are played on Wednesday nights at the Emeryville Center of Community Life on San Pablo Ave 47th Street in Emeryville from 6:00pm -11:00pm. Each team plays with a maximum of 3 males on the court. The first night of scrimmage games is October 14; playoffs are on Sunday, December 14th.  No games on November 23rd.


Co-Ed Outdoor Soccer: San Francisco on Tuesday Nights

If you love playing soccer and are free on Tuesday and want to meet some cool people, consider joining a new co-ed Soccer League before the season starts on October 18th.  Sign up with your team of 15 before September 15th, and get 8% the total cost of $1200; if you want to join a team, you’ll get 8% off the $110 fee if you sign up before the 15th. Games will be played from 7pm – 10pm on the 50×50 yard turf field at Crocker Amazon Field. Playoffs are scheduled for December 13th, and there are no games on November 22nd.  Each team of 8 members playing on the field cannot have more than 6 males on the field at one time.

Co-Ed Softball: San Francisco on Monday Nights

Sunday nights won’t be a drag anymore (knowing you have to go to work on Monday morning) if you sign up for this co-ed Monday Night Softball League that starts on October 3rd.  Get your team of 15 guys and gals together and register before the September 14th deadline; it’s $1250 for the team, or $115 per player if you want to sign up by yourself or with a friend. Games are played at the Fort Scott Field on Storey & Ralston Avenue in San Francisco between 6:30pm and 9:30pm. The playoffs are set for December 5th, and there will be no games played on October 10th or November 21st. Of the 10 players for a team on the field, no more than 7 can be male.


The Spot To Be After The Game – Brick Yard

Whether you are signing up for softball on Mondays, soccer on Tuesdays, or basketball on Wednesdays, everyone heads over to The Brick Yard at 1781 Union Street after the games to crank their elbows at this fun sports bar, recap their favorite plays of the night, and eat some wings, a naked bird, a kale salad, some mac + cheese, cilantro lime dip, or any of their other signature menu items.  During the week, they’re open until midnight for all the local league athletes (and spectators, cheerleaders, and friends), and they serve food until 10pm.

Looking for a great local bar to celebrate your team’s wins? Fill out the form and reserve enough space for your entire team to eat and drink!