The Brick Yard: Catering Services in San Francisco

When you want to find good San Francisco Catering Services, you have no further to look than your favorite restaurants. At the Brick Yard, we are proud to be able to provide your event with a tasty selection of fan favorites. Whether you want something that reminds people of luxury or you want something more down to earth, we can help make your party a hit.

You have your choice of caterers in San Francisco. When you are choosing who to hire, make sure to give us a call and check our options for your party. As a sports bar, we can offer some pretty amazing food for the sports fan, or if you’re in the mood for brunch, we can do that, too! Call us for an estimate and you won’t be disappointed. More importantly, the people at your party will remember it for a long time to come.

For the Home

Whether it’s a viewing party for the Niners game, or a get together with your best friends from college, we got you. Let us take the cooking off your hands, so you can take care of the important stuff; entertaining your guests.

For the Office

Tired of ordering the same pizza delivery for your office parties. Order our catering instead, and watch your co-workers relish in the fact that it’s not pepperoni or cheese, AGAIN.

Book Your Brick Yard Catering Today

Let’s get started. Tell us your needs, the size of your party and initial questions regarding food and drinks. We will respond within 24 hours to make your event happen smoothly and on-time.


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