Sunday Brunch Is the Most Essential Meal of the Week

Many people believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. On any given day, that may be true, but during the week as a whole, weekend brunch steals breakfast’s importance and becomes the most essential meal of the week. At The Brickyard, we have worked hard at coming up with the right combinations of foods for the best brunch. Here’s why we think that it is so essential to enjoy a brunch during your days of leisure.

Eggs Benedict

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5 Tips on Planning an Amazing Sunday Brunch

Planning a Sunday brunch in San Francisco can be an exciting time, but it isn’t that exciting when you’re listening to your friends talk about their exciting Saturday night while you’re slaving away in the kitchen. Going to a friendly local restaurant might be fun and games, but if you really enjoy cooking, hosting your own brunch can be much more fun. There are five good tips you can follow in order to plan an amazing Sunday brunch.

Plan a Sunday Brunch

Get Everything Together the Night Before

You’re going to need plates, napkins, glasses, and silverware. If you get all of these things together and set the table the night before the brunch, you won’t be rushing around to get it done in the morning.

Cook the Night Before

If you’re making a breakfast casserole or quiche, you can actually make it the night before, then throw it in the oven in the morning. There are even make-ahead recipes that are meant to be cooked that way. Even if you only combine the ingredients and throw it in the fridge overnight, you’re knocking out those 30 minutes of prep time and allowing yourself more time in the morning for other preparations.

Make the Cocktails Early

Making a couple of mixed drinks might sound simple, but you might find yourself running to the store just a few minutes before your party is supposed to start. Put together a pitcher of mimosas the night before to save yourself time and trouble.

Skip the Pancakes

While everyone loves pancakes, you’re going to make a ridiculous amount for 10 people. Instead of making a giant stack of flapjacks, make some French toast or scones instead. French toast or scones will even give your brunch a fancier appearance than pancakes.

Don’t Forget the Main Point

The entire point of hosting a Sunday brunch is to spend time with your family, friends, or both. Don’t get caught up in the details. Keep the focus on your guests and having a wonderful time.

6 Tips on Finding the Best Sports Bars

When most people decide to go to a sports bar, it’s usually because they’re looking for a more exciting atmosphere than their couch provides. A sports bar can make you feel like you’re a part of the event without actually being in the stadium. When you’re searching for the right sports bar in San Francisco, CA, there are a few tips you can follow.

Find the Best Sports Bar

  • > The waitresses should be pleasant to be around. If you plan on spending at least an hour and a half at a sports bar watching the game, you want to make sure the people service you are nice, respectful, and timely. During a big game, the sports bar is bound to be crowded. The waitresses need to be on their game. If your team lost, you definitely don’t want to be sitting at the bar for an extra 30 minutes because she is still trying to figure out which check goes to which table.
  • > If the bar offers bulk alcohol, you’re in luck. It isn’t always necessary to get alcohol in bulk, but if you bring the guys to the bar to watch the big game, it’s super helpful if you can just order a pitcher of beer. It’s not only cheaper to get an entire pitcher of beer, but nothing can give you the same community feeling that a pitcher provides. Even if the bar only offers a fishbowl of mixed drinks, that’s better than ordering them all individually.
  • > Look for an awesome sound system. You want to be able to actually hear what’s going on in the game over the voices of the people in the bar, though you don’t want the sound to be deafening.
  • > Make sure the bar has enough televisions. More often than not, there are usually multiple games taking place at once. If you’re interested in college games while everyone else is watching the major league stuff, you want to make sure that the bar has enough TVs to play your game.
  • > Don’t settle for a bar that has good drinks but terrible food. You’re probably going to get hungry at some point, and it’s much more enjoyable to have some amazing hot wings during the game rather than a bowl of peanuts.
  • > Comfortable seating is important. You’re going to be spending hours at this sports bar watching the game. You don’t want to sit on a bar stool the whole time.

4 Reasons to Book a Lounge for College Reunions

4 Reasons to Book a Lounge for College Reunions

The Brick Yard Restaurant and Bar is a San Francisco sports bar that has an atmosphere evoking memories of the past. The Brick Yard combines a relaxed atmosphere, a historic touch, and fantastic eats for an experience sports fans and casual diners can enjoy.

When it comes to getting the best sports options in cable, The Brick Yard provides so that customers can always enjoy the important game they love, from the NFL and US Rugby, to the NBA and NASCAR. Weekends provide an exceptional breakfast and lunch menu as well, in a comforting and relaxed atmosphere.

If you’re looking to book a college reunion, here’s why you should consider booking a lounge:

Warm Atmosphere: The atmosphere of a location can make or break a college or high school reunion experience. A lounge can provide a warm, accommodating atmosphere that allows for everyone to feel comfortable and familial in.

Food and Drink Access: When you choose to book a lounge, the question of how to provide food and drink options gets pre-solved. When all your dining needs already provided at the lounge location, that’s just that much less effort and money that your classmates have to worry about forking up before the event.

Privacy: Reunions usually prefer a measure of exclusivity in the location, so that it can feel properly inclusive to those who are attending. It can also make the overall atmosphere and experience feel that much more comfortable for everyone in attendance.

Convenience: With all the great characteristics of a lounge wrapped up in one, it’s hard to deny that the combination of the services provided, the time saved, and the resultant cost all make a lounge as a reunion location a convenient choice.

Finding the Perfect Brunch Spot

Eggs Benedict in San Francisco

When you are ready to take the weekend right, you start by sleeping in. You then go to a great restaurant for brunch. At The Brickyard in San Francisco, that restaurant can be difficult to find, especially if you haven’t planned ahead. Some restaurants stop serving breakfast at 10:30 am. Others are so popular that the line extends out the door, and there is a very real question if you can get seats before dinner. Here are 7 things to think about when you are looking for a great brunch spot.

  • Reservations – You should be able to make them at, and not have them about, the restaurant.
  • Perks – Free refills on coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Your Sunday brunch in San Francisco should have them.
  • Know the menu – If you are headed to a busy place, having your order ready will speed things up.
  • Meeting friends – Does anyone in your group have dietary restrictions, and can the restaurant cater to them? Know the menu, and you’ll already have your answer.
  • Parking – Some of the best San Francisco brunch places have the worst parking. If you know ahead, you can make appropriate arrangements.
  • Popularity – If the place doesn’t take reservations, but the brunch is great, then maybe you can share a table with another group or sit at the bar.
  • Inspections – If your restaurant choice hasn’t passed all of its food safety inspections, you might want to go to a different place.


Omelet in San Francisco


When you are looking for the best brunch spots in SF, you will want to take into account all of these things. However, there are some places that are a once in a lifetime experience. Even if the wait is long, you will want to just plan for it. Bring your favorite people, sign in with the host or hostess, and enjoy each other’s company while waiting for that coveted table. Once there, savor the food, the atmosphere and the great wait staff, but make sure you take pity on everyone else who is also waiting for a table.

The Best Sports Bar for Watching Games

Football game in San Francisco

The Bay Area has no shortage of professional sports teams to see. Basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and baseball teams are all located within relatively easy driving distance of San Francisco. However, while going to the stadium can’t be beat because then you can say you were there, it just isn’t practical to go to every game for most people. Plus, there are many better venues to seek out and watch the ball game. We at the Brickyard in San Francisco know that a sports bar can make for the best experience when it comes to seeing the ball games. Here are the top 8 reasons:

    • Food – At San Francisco’s best sports bars, the food is always better than what you can find at the park.
    • Detail – Replay after replay in slow motion with expert analysis. Can’t get that at a stadium.
    • Cost – Parking, tickets, nachos, and dogs? All too expensive at the ball game.
    • Boredom – Game’s a blow out? You’ve got your choice of games at the top sports bars in San Francisco. Not true at the stadium.
    • Convenience – Most bars have little to no parking hassle.
    • Alcohol – Variety is the spice of life, and a variety of alcohol makes the sports bar a better choice than the arena.
    • Service – You think the peanut guy is great service? How about warm beer?
    • Socializing – At a bar, you can hear each other talk. At the stadium? Not so much.

Football, beer, and pretzels in San Francisco


Most San Francisco sports bars are going to carry your favorite teams on high definition TV, even during blackout dates. Choosing the right bar for you also means choosing the right food and the right type of people to be with. When you go to a bar, you don’t have to worry about children and watching your language, or about rabid fans who may go overboard in support of their team. You’ll instead be able to eat good food, have great drinks, and watch the most engaging game available anywhere.

Epic Holiday Event

Was last year’s holiday event the nightmare before Christmas? Lame food, blah drinks, boring space, and a scrooge-like staff that barely cared? Yup, we’ve all been there…and it sucks candy canes. This holiday season, don’t let the ghost of parties-past haunt your jam. Book The Brick Yard and give your squad the gift of a truly epic holiday event. We’re talking “cancel New Year’s Eve because that was just too damn live” levels of epic. Why, you ask? We could go on for days about the hype, but we let the proof in the pudding speak for itself. Here are the reasons to eat, drink, and be merry at The Brick Yard:

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