College Football on Tap – NCAA BCS Predictions for 2016

College football is back and the defending national champions Alabama look to build upon their dynasty with another stellar recruiting class and a beefed up schedule! However, three other teams look to claim the crown themselves in the playoffs as Clemson, Oklahoma and Florida State all fight to be included in the national championship game in Tampa, Florida.

Here Is Who You Can Expect In College Football’s Playoffs!

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All Day, Party and Play – Adult Sport and Social Leagues in SF

This fall season, do something different after work. Turn off your phone, forget the TV, and join a fun co-ed sports team in the area. You’ll meet lots of like-minded guys and gals, show off your athletic prowess, and undoubtedly build some lasting friendships. Although the leagues have playoffs at the end of the season, you don’t have to be an all-star player to sign up.  These co-ed leagues are designed to give people the opportunity to connect and socialize in person! Check out these upcoming leagues.
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Game Day in The Bay: Top Spots to Watch the San Francisco 49ers

It’s Game Day

The San Francisco 49ers Football have a long, solid history of sportsmanship and intrigue. The team has done so well that they’ve got fans across the country and the state of California. When it’s time to get your grub on, have awesome drinks, and enjoy uninterrupted coverage with your other stalwart fans at the pub, you need somewhere to go. Following are five of the best bars in California for watching the 49ers bring their excellence to the field.
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The Brick Yard Brunch Guide

It doesn’t really matter what time of day it is! For those looking to satisfy their hunger while having steady access to sports they love almost any time of the day, The Did you know Brick Yard is one of the best choices in San Francisco for lunch? We are always seeking to upgrade so the needs of customers are exceeded. One of our latest upgrades comes in the form of a new and improved brunch menu. Now brunch is being served up on Saturday and Sunday. This menu starts serving at nine in the morning and goes until two in the afternoon, and has some unique, delicious options that are going to make you want to come back again and again!

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Pints For Pups – Amber From The Brick Yard Makes It Happen


My Sadie girl came into my life in 2003 and I was lucky enough to have her unconditional love and companionship in my life for 12 wonderful years. She was a constant in a world that can sometimes be confusing and unsure. Her cute little face was there to greet me at the end of each day. Her silly spirit constantly made me laugh. She loved so deeply and without words. We had our own silent language, although I was convinced one day she’d speak up and say “Okay, I’ve been quiet for 12 years, here are my thoughts on your life, your friends, and your sometimes questionable dating choices” and we’d open up a bottle of wine and discuss. (Actually, that thought terrified me. Can you imagine the opinions that would come?!)

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San Francisco Private Events Restaurant & Bar

San Francisco teams are on a huge roll right now – the Giants sit atop the NL West, the 49ers are starting to get comfortable at their newly minted Levi’s Stadium, and the Golden State Warriors playing in nearby Oakland were about 5 seconds and 4 points away from championship glory last season.

While there’s actually nothing like seeing a game live, a lot of times scoring tickets can be hit-or-miss or darn near impossible come playoff season.

When you’re at the game you also have to deal with opposing fans and that guy at the end of the aisle endlessly screaming for nachos. That’s maybe not the ideal spectator experience you had in mind when you purchased your tickets.

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Cultural History of the Marina District

A picturesque neighborhood hugging the San Francisco Bay, the Marina District houses incredible beauty and breath-taking scenery.

The real calling card of the Marina District is not the jaw-dropping view of the San Francisco Bay, but the area’s also home to a great nightlife scene. There is plenty of local farmer’s markets on the weekends, scenic bike paths, a lovely marina, and all kinds of vintage stores.

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Me + Three! Group Brunch Hot Spots in SF

Brunching: San Francisco

There are a lot of great restaurants in San Francisco. The city has history which predates its adoption into the United States. As such, a variety of cuisines are available from a variety of cultures, and over time eating traditions have developed which have made it so a good number of delectable brunch spots practically cover the city. It’s worth it to see as many as you can during your stay; and if you’re a resident that has yet to try these eateries out, you owe it to yourself to give at least one of them a shot! Following are three of the finest places in SF for a spectacular brunch.

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Where’s Kevin Durant Gonna Eat in San Francisco

The Brick Yard San Francisco Named KD’s Favorite New Restaurant

Kevin Durant‘s a nationally-cultured man. An Olympic Gold Medalist born in Baltimore, he went to college in Texas and currently lives in Oklahoma, where he’s known for leading The OKC Thunder to the NBA Finals in 2012. Now, Durant is a Golden State Warrior in San Francisco, a man like Durant’s going to need top-tier service and culinary options to please his successful and well-traveled palate. That’s one reason The Brick Yard may be his best bet at finding the kind of food he likes just how he likes it. Offering southern cuisine with a West Coast twist, simple, shareable bar food, and signature dishes (try the Yard bird), The Brick Yard is a game day destination on Union Street offering brunch, lunch, and much more.

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