Me + Three! Group Brunch Hot Spots in SF

Brunching: San Francisco

There are a lot of great restaurants in San Francisco. The city has history which predates its adoption into the United States. As such, a variety of cuisines are available from a variety of cultures, and over time eating traditions have developed which have made it so a good number of delectable brunch spots practically cover the city. It’s worth it to see as many as you can during your stay; and if you’re a resident that has yet to try these eateries out, you owe it to yourself to give at least one of them a shot! Following are three of the finest places in SF for a spectacular brunch.

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Where’s Kevin Durant Gonna Eat in San Francisco

The Brick Yard San Francisco Named KD’s Favorite New Restaurant

Kevin Durant‘s a nationally-cultured man. An Olympic Gold Medalist born in Baltimore, he went to college in Texas and currently lives in Oklahoma, where he’s known for leading The OKC Thunder to the NBA Finals in 2012. Now, Durant is a Golden State Warrior in San Francisco, a man like Durant’s going to need top-tier service and culinary options to please his successful and well-traveled palate. That’s one reason The Brick Yard may be his best bet at finding the kind of food he likes just how he likes it. Offering southern cuisine with a West Coast twist, simple, shareable bar food, and signature dishes (try the Yard bird), The Brick Yard is a game day destination on Union Street offering brunch, lunch, and much more.

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