San Francisco A Cornerstone City Of The United States

With 240 years’ legacy, San Francisco is one of the oldest metropolises in the country. Meaning there has been plenty of time to perfect the food! So, if you find yourself there, check out one of these Top 5 Foodie Neighborhoods, and taste the exceptional flavor of one of America’s most desired culinary destinations.


Marina District

Due to its location, history, and demographic, this region has become host to a variety of culinary delights; many of them in the seafood family. From Isa Restaurant, featuring Californian-French Tapas and fine wine, to the trendy Italian joint Delarosa, hosting communal tables, and the Latin-flavored Mamacita, there’s variety for everyone. And you’ll have to check out the Naked Fish, a sushi joint like no other. Then their’s Causwells, with some of the best rainbow trout and beet salad in the country. With a taste for all palates, the Marina District offers insane deliciousness that is bringing foodies to gather from across the Bay Area.

Financial District

From law firms to corporate headquarters, the most official tenants occupy this area and operate in a business capacity on a regular basis. Built from the gold rush, this area became the financial capital of the west coast for a time. But like the Marina District, 1906 saw earthquake fallout completely overhaul the area. Today, this district’s one of the most urbanized in the world, and as such clientele have high-priced tastes. The most vetted restaurants here are Eatsa, a breakfast/brunch place that offers salad and vegetarian cuisine, Sears Fine Food, which is a traditional American restaurant that has been world-famous for years, featuring 1,455 reviews on and an average score of 3.5 out of 5 stars, La Fusion, which features Latin American cuisine with a twist, and Kokkari estiatorio, a place selling Greek and Mediterranean fare.


North Beach

This is San Francisco’s “Little Italy”, and features some of the city’s–and the country’s–finest Italian cuisine. Sorrel offers that kind of chic “new” American-style Italian food. Sotto Mare is a Seafood Italian place that has 4.5 out of 5 stars, given 2,341 reviews on Yelp. Italian Homemade Company offers not just food, but groceries; and Trattoria Contadina is a solid Italian choice.

Lower Pacific Heights

Located between Laurel Heights and Japantown, the primacy of this region is taken up by Mediterranean and Armenian cuisine. From the Lamb Lule of La Mediterranee, to the delicious dishes of Casa Flores, an Italian/Mediterranean Joint. Pizzeria Delfina offers homemade fennel sausage, and the Fresca is a Peruvian Tapas Bar with seafood delights.


Chinatown has branched out in recent years, but its primary area’s centered between Grant Avenue and Stockton Street. Beyond Asia, this is the largest Chinese community in the world, and the oldest Chinatown area in America. It’s such a fine tourist attraction, it draws more onlookers than the Golden Gate Bridge! And, of course, in any Chinese community, there is that exceptional food. Topping the list is MaMa Ji’s, a Szechuan and dim sum establishment well loved for its excellent food and service. Z & Y Restaurant has authentic Chinese cuisine from an internationally renown Chinese chef. Then there’s Hunan Home’s Restaurant, a traditional Chinese outlet that’s become a local Jewish favorite during Christmas. Finally, Delicious Dim Sum has the best dim sum in town.

Culture And Variety

San Francisco’s deep culture stretches back over 200 years, and that historical depth is deftly conveyed by the city’s excellent cuisine. Check out some of these prime foodie spots to get some of the best fine dining in the country; and that for palates of all kind.


The Brick Yard San Francisco

The Brick Yard brings southern influenced cuisine with a West Coast twist. From shareable, simple and tasty bar food to signature dishes like the “Yard Bird”, come enjoy all the things that make The Brick Yard your go-to brunch, lunch, and game day spot on Union Street!

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